Advanced Endpoint Protection Testing from MITRE using ATT&CK

If you are searching for test results about current Advanced Endpoint Protection/Endpoint Detection and Response tools: MITRE is transparently testing some of them using the great ATT&CK map.

Round 1 Testing

In round 1 the following AEP/EDR products were tested:
The following vendors/products will follow:


As an example you can look at the results of the Microsoft Windows Defender ATP results. You can see all techniques which were tested and how the product worked. You even can see screenshots of it:

Screenshot of Microsoft Defender ATP of MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Round1 Testing 1.A.1 User Execution T1204:


This is amazing work done by MITRE! 👍 It provides transparency of the Advanced Endpoint Protection AEP/Endpoint Detection and Response EDR products, lets you compare them, check which techniques they protect against and how they work in terms of forensics.

Round2 is already running. 👌

Solution for Skybox connection issue to Fortinet FortiGate or FortiManager

If you are using the Skybox ( solution for your environment, during the initial setup there might be an issue in the connection from the Skybox to your Fortinet FortiGate firewalls or your or FortiManager firewall management system. Skybox uses HTTPS (XML API with SOAP) and/or SSH to connect to the Fortinet systems.

If your hardening of the Fortinet devices changed the default minimum Diffie-Hellman Exchange-Bits from 2048 to 3072, 4096 or 8192Bits, then your Skybox is not able to connect to them, after Skybox currently does not support more than 2048Bit for DH.

FortiGate Hardening of DH-Bits:

config sys global
 set dh-params 8192

See also the Skybox documentation "ReferenceGuide", e.g. here "Reference Guide v10.801" or an overview of the documentation of all last versions.

Almost perfect protection for websites and other services - Mutual TLS

Its hard to secure your IT services and applications. The list of possible attacks is long, as shown in the Mitre Att&ck framework , the...