Windows 10 start menu critial error fix

A possible solution to the following error in Windows 10 when trying to use the start menu:

English Error:

Critical Error – Your Start menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.

German Error:

Schwerwiegender Fehler Ihr Startmen├╝ funktioniert nicht. Wir beheben das Problem, sobald Sie sich neu anmelden. Jetzt abmelden.

Start menu error

Possible solution for Windows 10 start menu

  1. Launch the Task manager
  2. Open a new PowerShell window with administrative privileges

  3. Paste the following line into the PowerShell window

    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    Powershell Command

  4. Ignore the errors and wait until it is finished (a new line PS C:\Windows\system32 is shown)
  5. Reboot Windows

 If that doesnt not help, try sfc /scannow or dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth or checkdisk or analyze the issue with procmon.

Python regex findall groups

When trying to use groups for regular expression searches with findall in python, python wont work as in

Example with

>>> vresearch ="(<tag101>titel</tag101>)(\n)(<dd>)(.*)(</dd>)", str(i))
>>> print(" = " + str(
whatever is in .* will be returned

Example with re.findall

Without group:

>>> vresearch = re.findall(r"(<tag101>Titel</tag101>)(\n)(<dd>)(.*)(</dd>)", str(i))
>>> print("vresearch[0] = " + str(vresearch[0]))
vresearch[0] = ('<
tag101>Titel</tag101>', '\n', '<dd>', ".*", '</dd>')

Again with group:

>>> vresearch = re.findall(r"(<tag101>Titel</tag101>)(\n)(<dd>)(.*)(</dd>)", str(i))
>>> print("vresearch[0].group() = " + str(vresearch[0].group()))
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'group'


Example2 with re.findall

>>> re.findall('ab(cde)fg(0123)', 'abcdefg0123 and again abcdefg0123')
[('cde', '0123'), ('cde', '0123')]

­čĹë Findall just returns the captured groups.

Python documentation

re.findall(pattern, string, flags=0)

Return all non-overlapping matches of pattern in string, as a list of strings. The string is scanned left-to-right, and matches are returned in the order found. If one or more groups are present in the pattern, return a list of groups; this will be a list of tuples if the pattern has more than one group. Empty matches are included in the result.


Real world examples of attack chains with Att&ck mapping

Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team released in the past some great detailed articles (e.g. 2020-03 Ransomware, 2018-03 FinFisher, 2017-05 wannacry, 2017-06 petya) about different real world attack chains including a mapping to MITREs framework Att&ck. 

Parinacota attack chain

Picture from Microsoft Security 
The article on Parinacota includes details like how for example persistence is archived:
  • Windows Registry modifications using .bat or .reg files to allow RDP connections Picture from
  • Setting up access through existing remote assistance apps or installing a backdoor
  • Creating new local accounts and adding them to the local administrators group 
    Picture from

 Wadhrama attack chain

Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team

 Ryuk attack chain

Doppelpaymer attack chain

Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team

Windows 10 Photos shows "Invalid Value for Registry"

When trying to open a picture, for example a JPEG, with Windows 10 picture the error message "Invalid Value for Registry" or "Ung├╝ltiger Wert f├╝r Registrierung" is shown. 

How to fix it:
English Windows 10: Start ➞ type "Photos" ➞ Rightclick ➞ App Settings ➞ Repair
German WIndows 10: Start ➞ "Fotos" eingeben ➞ Rechtsklick ➞ App Einstellungen ➞ Reparieren

If pressing the "Repair" button does not help, try the "Reset" button. "Repair" helped me with my problem. If not I'd probably use Microsoft sysinternals procmon to troubleshoot the issue.

Almost perfect protection for websites and other services - Mutual TLS

Its hard to secure your IT services and applications. The list of possible attacks is long, as shown in the Mitre Att&ck framework , the...