Microsoft Windows Defender AntiVirus Performance analysis

When you suspect your Microsoft Defender Antivirus to be a bottleneck for your Windows performance, then you may use Microsofts Defender Antivirus performance analyzer. It helps you with the on-premise Windows Defender Antivirus as well as with the cloud solution Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Defender ATP).

Especially on developer systems with an IDE Microsoft Defender Antivirus can have a significant performance impact on your system due to the many temporary files, which are not digitally signed but contain exectuable code. Microsofts Defender Antivirus performance can help you to detect:

  • Files with long antivirus scan times
  • Processes with long antivirus scan times
  • File extensions with long antivirus scan times 

Running defender antivirus performance analyzer

  1. Run PowerShell (Admin)
  2. Use the PowerShell command New-MpPerformanceRecording -RecordTo how2itsec-analyze-microsoft-antivirus.etl
  3. Repeate your performance issue, e.g. building your software or opening a programm
  4. Press Enter to stop the trace

Defender Antivirus performance analysis etl

Analysis of the trace 

You can analyze your results using the Get-MpPerformanceReportparameter with one of the following arguments:
Get-MpPerformanceReport    [-Path] <String>
[-TopScans <Int32>]
[-TopFiles  <Int32>
    [-TopScansPerFile <Int32>]
    [-TopProcessesPerFile  <Int32>
        [-TopScansPerProcessPerFile <Int32>]
[-TopExtensions  <Int32>
    [-TopScansPerExtension <Int32>]
    [-TopProcessesPerExtension <Int32>
        [-TopScansPerProcessPerExtension <Int32>]
    [-TopFilesPerExtension  <Int32>
        [-TopScansPerFilePerExtension <Int32>]
[-TopProcesses  <Int32>
    [-TopScansPerProcess <Int32>]
    [-TopExtensionsPerProcess <Int32>
        [-TopScansPerExtensionPerProcess <Int32>]
[-TopFilesPerProcess  <Int32>
    [-TopScansPerFilePerProcess <Int32>]
[-MinDuration <String>]

Example Analysis

Get-MpPerformanceReport -Path .\how2itsec-analyze-microsoft-antivirus.etl -TopFiles 10Get-MpPerformanceReport Defender analysis1

Get-MpPerformanceReport -Path .\how2itsec-analyze-microsoft-antivirus.etl -TopFiles 10 -TopScansPerFile 3 Get-MpPerformanceReport Defender analysis files scans per file

Get-MpPerformanceReport -Path .\how2itsec-analyze-microsoft-antivirus.etl -TopExtensions:10 -TopProcesses:10 -TopScans:10Get-MpPerformanceReport Defender analysis2 Top processes top scans per file

Get-MpPerformanceReport -Path .\how2itsec-analyze-microsoft-antivirus.etl -TopScans:100 -MinDuration:100msGet-MpPerformanceReport Defender analysis3 processes scan duration

Get-MpPerformanceReport -Path .\how2itsec-analyze-microsoft-antivirus.etl -TopScans:100 -MinDuration:500ms -Raw | ConvertTo-Js

Debug Windows Defender AntiVirus Performance JSON

Optimize performance 

Based on your analysis results you can carefully set exclusions or adjust parameters in Windows Defender or Defender for Endpoint (Defender ATP) in order to boost performance.

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