Paessler PRTG security fix for Cross Site Scripting XSS

Paessler PRTG released version (stable) in which a PRTG the tag handling system was fixed regarding tag parameters to avoid the risk of a possible Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack.

Updates are available for PRTG Preview or PRTG Stable
  • PRTG Stable sha256 installer exe 0DD1952B8EE8A56F77FBA968366794BFA58ABEFC38151192D378EAF35607091F
  • PRTG Stable sha256 installer zip 64F4918CE265ED58EC98996516D59AA97BB7BBC614AAD644E2F90C9DAB22F106
  • PRTG Preview sha256 installer exe: 28F05875EA31067881B2E04B3557F1BBC3D174D2064CCBA3E93BD4F1EC2E7839
  • PRTG Preview sha256 installer zip A82725C7C7BBA8E116F31030857BD3DE099FF5B7C40248E04A1DB425A617318E

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