Proxmox update error "Sub-process /usr/share/proxmox-ve/pve-apt-hook returned an error code (1)"


During a proxmox update (e.g. from proxmox version 6 to 7) you receive the following error:

100% [608 zstd 34.1 kB/630 kB 5%] 1,337 kB/s 0s
100% [Working] 1,337 kB/s 0s

Fetched 255 MB in 2min 30s (1,702 kB/s)
W: (pve-apt-hook) !! WARNING !!
W: (pve-apt-hook) You are attempting to remove the meta-package 'proxmox-ve'!
W: (pve-apt-hook)
W: (pve-apt-hook) If you really want to permanently remove 'proxmox-ve' from your system, run the following command
W: (pve-apt-hook) touch '/please-remove-proxmox-ve'
W: (pve-apt-hook) run apt purge proxmox-ve to remove the meta-package
W: (pve-apt-hook) and repeat your apt invocation.
W: (pve-apt-hook)
W: (pve-apt-hook) If you are unsure why 'proxmox-ve' would be removed, please verify
W: (pve-apt-hook) - your APT repository settings
W: (pve-apt-hook) - that you are using 'apt full-upgrade' to upgrade your system
E: Sub-process /usr/share/proxmox-ve/pve-apt-hook returned an error code (1)
E: Failure running script /usr/share/proxmox-ve/pve-apt-hook



Proxmox VE 6.x is based on Debian 10.x which is called “buster”.
Proxmox VE 7.x is based on Debian 11.x which is called “bullseye”.  

  1. Check if your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pve-enterprise.list file and /etc/apt/sources.list file still have "buster" (proxmox version 6) in them and replace it with "bullseye". E.g. with sed -i -e 's/buster/bullseye/g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pve-install-repo.list
  2. Run apt update again
  3. Run apt dist-upgrade again

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