Splunk Enterprise update plan

Splunk published this awesome Splunk Enterprise update plan: https://docs.splunk.com/images/d/d3/Splunk_upgrade_order_of_ops.pdf 

Regardless if you have a single-site or multi-site splunk installation, if your are running a stand-alone or distributed and/or clustered architecture, if you are using Splunks Universal Forwarder, the Deployment server, a License Master, Search Head cluster or Indexer Cluster master or not - this plan has your environment setup covered.

Step by step it guides you in updating your Splunk Enterprise environment including backuping up every system, checking each systems health and possible connectivity issues as well as the updates itself, may it be a simple upgrade or a rolling upgrade. Additional informations about each step can be found in the PDF as a link to docs.splunk.com.

Splunk Enterprise update plan step by step


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